Thursday, December 16, 2010

Give the Guy a Break!

President Obama addresses 30,000 supporters at USC, October 2010
*photo courtesy of Christina Martinez

He’s just a man. Walks, talks, eats, sleeps, hopes, cries, doubts and hopes…just like you and me. Oh, and he also happens to be the President of the United States. That means he answers to BILLIONS of people, not only in this country, but all over the world. Now how do you suppose one human could set out to please every one of us, each with our unique outlooks and opinions?

If you are a right-winger, a tea-partier, independent, radical progressive or anyone else against him for the decisions he’s made, I ask you this. Who better to run this country at this moment? Mc Cain/Palin? Come on…I’m serious. Jon Stewart? Who?

I’m not thrilled about tax cuts for the rich being extended. No, I am not. Mostly because he has been pretty damned good about keeping his campaign promises, and this is one that was broken/severely compromised at the least.. BUT- I also remind you that he campaigned on a platform of bi-partisanship. He said we weren’t red or blue states, but “purple” United States. He said that. Don’t you remember? He never promised to be an ultra-liberal-leftist President. Never.

It disappoints me to see Democrats turning on their own President so aggressively. It’s like political cannibalism. You know why the Republicans are so good at winning? Because they stick together now matter how sucky their guy is (one letter – W.) The least we could do is rally behind the guy we voted in – give him our support for his entire term. He needs it.

As much as I may read, watch the talking heads and listen to progressive talk radio, I am not a politician. I have my opinions, but I’ve never been in the game, and neither have most of you. Can we all agree that maybe just maybe, it’s a more complicated process than we realize? Maybe it’s not so easy to make all those promises happen on the timeline we prefer.

The bottom line is: You will never agree with every decision any President makes, but let’s look at the big picture here. He passed health care reform, and as an American who was denied Health Care by every major carrier, that is a miracle I never thought I’d see in my life. He has integrity, honor, intellect, a cool head. He is thoughtful, brilliant, passionate, highly educated, a Constitutional scholar, came from nothing and worked his way to the top of his class at Harvard…I mean, really. He has championed Veterans, women’s issues, education, healthcare, put two women on the Supreme Court (and the first Latina). Who better to run this country? I’m not talking some hypothetical superhero politician who doesn’t exist. What ACTUAL person is better qualified right now, right this moment?

I don’t always agree with my President, nor my husband, my friends or kids…but I still support them and believe in them.

So….where is your loyalty?

(To see a list of Obama's campaign promises kept so far, or in the works, click here. It’s pretty damned impressive.


  1. Why do we tend to see the glass always half empty, instead of half full? Why do we like to blame and say it's all his fault? Why not focus on all the positive changes Pres. Obama has made in the last 2 years? Yes, he is not perfect, but who is? With all that has happened and all that has been said, he will forever be a hero in my eyes.

  2. I am always impressed with Obama and his ability to manage a situation. I like him and I want him to succeed. I want everyone to get along and do what is best for the USA. Breathe and see where he takes us. He will never be as bad as the last Bush. And look at Clinton-Monica but a mouth in the memory. Let's look to be positive and not just during the holidays or a natural disaster but all the time. I want the USA to survive and on some days I truly feel we will be a third world country and that bothers me the most. But I won't be alive to see it's destruction but my kids and grand kids and future generations will. Don't get me started. I take anti-depressants just so I never have to feel hopeless again. And it works 99% of the time. Thanks goodness. I don't dwell on negatives anymore and the Presidents are on that list for so long I only hope Obama can change this.

  3. Hear, hear Maxee.
    Oh Madge, if only America could swallow a giant anti-depressant!
    In the meantime, let's keep our focus on what is GOOD in America- and be grateful for it. That's the best anti-depressant in the world.

  4. A fine start to your brand new blog. If you're ever curious about a Canadian's take on America (or anything else), feel free to contact me on SheWrites. Peace to you and yours for the new year and beyond...

    Cathy Kozak