Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Here we gooooo....

For a fleeting moment today, I was absolutely giddy. I felt like it was my birthday. No - even better than that. I was ready to put on a party hat and do my Snoopy- dance, confetti falling from the sky, fireworks displays. Pure joy!

Why? Because in addition to President Obama announcing his run for 2012, today The Washington Post released the news that Glenn Beck is ending his show on Fox. Thank you Santa!!! It’s just what I always wanted!

I mean really, can it get any better?

I could hear Schroeder playing the piano…my feet started to shuffle…

But then, I came back to earth as I remembered sitting in a pizza parlor with my son when news broke that Sarah Palin was quitting her job as governor of Alaska. I whooped, I hollered, did my Snoopy-dance. I thought…finally, it’s over.

But nooooo….it’s never over.

President Obama’s run will bring the crazies back in fuller force, and Glenn Beck will just pop up somewhere else, like the Sea Witch at the end of the Little Mermaid. Just when you thought she was a goner, she reemerges from the ocean ten stories tall. Maybe Beck will get a reality show, or start posting apocalyptic tweets on Twitter. With another campaign coming up, you don't think he's going to miss the opportunity to whip people into a mad frenzy, do ya? 

Whatever. Regardless of what the crazies do, we’ve got to stay cool, calm and collected as we near this 2012 campaign. We’ve got to stop approaching politics as a war, and think about the people of this country. We need to look for what both sides can do to bring positive change, and focus on our common desires, rather than our differences.

It is not going to be easy but our objective at iSane is to keep ourselves calm, and hopefully you’ll stay calm with us. Either that or you get really mad then we calm you down. Or maybe you’ll calm us down. Either way, “calm” is the objective. Calm, rational, sane.

So as we move forward into the season of insanity, we invite you to get on board with us, … and maybe bring some dramamine or something, ‘cause I have a feeling it’s gonna be a bumpy ride. 


  1. Hollye - I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT WHEN I HEARD IT!!! I feel much more positive about this. The people are waking up, thank GOD! Beck -1, next - LIMBAUGH. Si se puede, Si se puede! LOL (the Mexican in me came out LOL)


  2. I love it when the Mexican in you comes out Debbie! Si se puede!

  3. I even read about this in China. Big news and it wasn't even banned.